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Dating back from volume 17 (DVD 7) through to the one in the shops just now i'm deciding to sell all of my Playstation World magazines with their DVDs - each one having 2+ hours of top knotch footage and news about games at the time of print. The latest issue i've got is 64 and it's still in th bag, the 65th issue should be out in the next few days. Each one cost 4 and i'm selling 48 issues, if you want to be the master of all things playstation this is for you.

Only 30

I hate the idea of giving this collection away but i need more space in my room. It'll also give someone else the chance to know EVERYTHING about PS2's.... If that's worth something to someone.

Playstation World is the biggest Playstation 2 magazine on the market, with more in-depth previews, massive reviews and the greatest tips and solutions pages. And, if you subscribe - you save even more money. Each copy of PSW arrives with a FREE DVD rammed with up-to-the-minute, fresh and exclusive PS2 footage guaranteed to keep you ahead of the pack when it comes to vital gaming knowledge on the biggest titles around. Essential for every PS2 owner - each DVD contains the very latest Playstation2 news, previews of forthcoming games, in-depth reviews, tips, movie trailers, multiangle footage and info-packed voice-overs.

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