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Aaron North Leaves Icarus Line, Joins NIN

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Interesting move. Aaron North of guitar playing in the Icarus Line and Buddyhead fame apparently left The Icarus Line about a month before he started playing guitar for Trent & co. and is now their new guitar player.

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It's not on the Buddyhead, Nine Inch Nails or Icarus Line websites yet to be fair - this was posted up on punknews.org today but a few people have messaged me about it today...

Icarus Line guitarist quits, joins Nine Inch Nails

Contributed by swooningdisaster, Posted by aubin on Thursday, February 10, 2005 at 9:18:06 PM (EST)

Aaron North of The Icarus Line and Buddyhead has left the band and joined Nine Inch Nails. He will be making his live debut performing on the industrial band's upcoming March tour of the UK.

North has stated that the new position was not the motivation for his departure from his former band, telling Sp1at.com that:

I quit the band. I was over it. I did not quit the Icarus line to join Nine Inch Nails,I quit the Icarus line about a month before I started playing with NIN.

The Icarus Line released their previous record, and V2 debut, Penance Soire last year. Nine Inch Nails will be releasing With Teeth on May 3rd via Interscope.

Time will tell if it's true I guess.

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