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*king street old fire station*


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the problem for me, was the fact you're told they will put you in a flat with folk similar to you...

i was in with three spanish guys that are 26 and barely speak english.

and gill who is 17.

why was i put in there, or rather, as i was first in, why were they put with me?

"gill wanted to be with another girl taht wasn't too old."

"you're 'danish', we thought you'd get on well with the spanish guys"..hah. great logic.

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i live in student accommodation.

i love my flat. it's only mine and it's perfect for me. location' date=' size, everything.[/quote']

I wanna live alone :( No offence to my flatmates, but the falt we have doesn't really have a living room, only a small space with a sofa in it, so we're all stuck in our rooms. I need space!

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When I was in halls in my first year of Uni I was with 2 Singaporians who were in their 3rd year, 1 Irishman in his 3rd year, 1 Glasgae 30-something in his 4th year and bizarrely one of my older sisters' friends in his 4th year. Fucked up, huh? I just went out lots... Maybe that's why they do it, they figure if there's no-one in your flat you want to hang out with then you're forced to go out and have a blast!

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It was a party there that made me realise I'm glad I never went into halls. Don't get me wrong' date=' the party was really good fun and the flat owners were really cool people, but I'd go mental at losing stuff all the time and noise and stuff. I'm a grumpy old man at heart.[/quote']

I'm beginning to think that I'm a grumpy old man at heart as well.

Are these flats really cheap or something? All I hear is people moaning about them so why would you stay there?!?

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