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music videos.


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Guest pop-notmyface

At The Drive-In performing One Armed Scissor at the Farm Club, that has to be one of the best live videos in a while. the New Noise video by refused is also pretty cool.

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Guest Algo Crums
Squarepusher - Come on my Selector

Chris Cunningham's great.

It truly is a great video. I remember seeing it on the 120 Minutes Warp Records special, and I must say although a lot of the videos were shit, some of the Aphex, Plaid and 'freak' by LFO were fairly decent

That Afrika Bambaata video with the sports day is one of my favourites (or fuck, is it the Roots Manuva?), and the Leftfield video when the guy is fragile aswell

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oh you are such a rascal Borlax

Any video by Morrisey is good for a laugh' date=' especially the one where he is driving a tractor[/quote']

aye fit ever, the bloke didnt understand the fact videos should be interesting....unlike the likes of such great video directors as the bloke that does slim shady vids and dre vids

also i luv the vids jt and nelly put out

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