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Pics of Flying Circus hosts in costume

Craig Fudge

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Here are 3 of the 4 costumes from various Monty Python sketches/films which we have dressed up as in the past month. The missing one is us dressed up as 'Grannies' which was my favourite but alas no one had a camera out that night! When we 'do' the Grannies again, will try and get a pic...





the 'ROMANS'


Tommorow (17th Dec) we'll be something different again... you'll have to come along to find out. I THINK it's still free entry. There will be a different inflatable game, more drinking games / drink promos and more eclectic tunes from Ross the Dj.

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Originally posted by Flik:

Those buggers have no respect for my wheel...

Ahem! I think you'll find i have never treated 'the wheel' with anything less than respect. It's someone else whom we all know that seems to have a problem with it.

And no we neglected to take pictures on Wed (mostly because i had no batteries in my camera) but we will have to recycle the costumes. So next time we do it i'll make sure and take pics of the outfits we've missed.

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Originally posted by Flik:

Next installement of Flying Circus will be January 7th.

Unfortunately I will not be in attendance as I will be en route to sunning my white hairy b utt on the fabulaous beaches in Australia.

But have fun kids!

Yas, I'll be back by then, back form sunning my arse in sunny Abu Dhabi, and hopefully this time I'll win a fuckin boat-race(been in two finalks, should have won the Dec 17th one BUT Brian stabbed Nicky Ca$ino in the stomach with his brolly while he wa son the last pint. We SHOULD have one!!)

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