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Holy shit, me and Psydoll were just speaking bout how ace it would be if these played the granite city again. Just went into One up to get my Cult of Luna ticket and found out UK Subs play Kef on April 3rd. I got my ticket! :D

On a similar related topic us GFN? geezers were thinking of getting one of my personal faves of the early 80s punk era "Peter and the Test Tube Babies" up to Aberdeen...doubt we'll do it cos it'll be pricy but thought i'd "gauge" interest for it anyways and see if im suprised by the reaction...

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a prostitute that tried having a drunken conversation with me once when I was walkign home, enquitred if I liked punk. she then proceeded to tell em that she used to go out with the singer of the Uk Subs.

how kinky.

I'd go along to Peter and the Test Tube Babies. think a few other members of Filthpact/Karloff etc would also be interested.

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i was at the gig when charlie got twated by the guitar i was also one of those who was up on stage singing warhead next gig i went too there was bloody barriers up they played lava after that with the vibrators but the sound was shit. can't wait for them to come up also going to see stiff little fingers on the 16th

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That sucks that the UK Subs aren't playing in Aberdeen this Friday...

... but O.C.D. are supporting them at the CCPC alldayer in Edinburgh this Saturday (2/4) - so if anyone wants to come along, we'll have a couple of spare seats in the minibus we're hiring for the day!!!!

You'll have to be at my house for about 8am on Saturday, but never mind, cuz there's between 4 and 7 people coming with us, so the journey down will be a good laugh... good soundtrack too, cuz I'm choosing what's being played on the stereo! It'll only be about 5 towards the petrol, both ways, and the tickets are 15 at the door... so it'll only be 20 to see the UK Subs in Edinburgh, with us wretches fucking up horrifically before them (we're on at 4pm). Good deal, eh?

Come with us, it'll be fun!



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