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'Punk' Mashups Anyone?


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The Legion of Doom production team will bring punk officially into the mash-up craze, in a project titled Incorporated.

The Legion joins forces with Face to Face front man Trever Keith's label, Antagonistic Records to reinvent punk rock tracks. The mashups -- tracks where DJs combine two dissimilar songs to make a new one -- include songs by The Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Atreyu and The Get Up Kids, among several others. The album features such cuts as "I Know What You Buried Last Summer" (Taking Back Sunday vs. Senses Fail), "Dottie In A Car Crash" (The Get Up Kids vs. Thursday), "The Quiet Screaming" (Dashboard Confessional vs. Brand New) and "A Threnody For A Grand" (Atreyu VS It Dies Today). It's scheduled for an unnamed spring release.

DJ mash-ups have long been a fixture of underground DJ culture, with mash-ups such as DJ Dangermouse's The Grey Album, which mixed The Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's Black Album circulating, often times without the consent of the original artists, on the Internet. Jay Z and Linkin Park recently cashed in on the craze with their Collision Course album.

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