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Song Obsession


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ive a few...is that cheating? "franco unamerican" by nofx is just so catchy i cant get it out of my head. and so is paul and linda mcartneys "the back seat of my car". and the beatles "day in the life"..specially the "woke up, got out out of bed, dragged a comb across my head" bit

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It's time to be obsessed with one song again!

I can't go to bed until I've heard 'Evil' by Interpol. I can't find the CD so I have to wait until I've got it on here to listen to it before bed. It's really annoying me that I can't find the CD.

Sweet slumber will follow hopefully...

I know how you feel. It seems for the last few days i am running on "turn on the bright lights" and "antics". I cant believe i pushed them to the back of my mind for such a long time

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Guest stuartmaxwell
'Drought' by Pelican.

also' date=' all the ideas for STD Neil has prepared.[/quote']


days spent listening to that one song.

its the kind of stuff that beavis and butthead should have listened to

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