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Saturday 20th December


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I have confirmed that the line up for your gig at The Moorings Bar on Sat 20th December will be:

Inept 303


7 Stone Under

7 Stone under have yet to confirm.

Also we will be test driving the planned 20KW Funktion-One / MC2 rig for the first time, so these 4 bands are to be among the first to use it.

This rig will produce HiFi quality sound at PA dynamics. In order to maximise quality we will run it at half power, and bear in mind it is high impedance. The volume is likely to be similar to that of a 5KW rig (more than enough at The Moorings Bar), but the quality will surpass anything you have experienced to date, even the Lemon Tree.

We're also going to use the higher quality mics, and put individual gates on the toms and kick drum, so everything will sound fat and tight.

Rass - heh heh, are you sure you want to go see Metalica?? Look what you're missing out on :))

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METALLLLLLIIIIICCCCA!!!! I was in the same room as kirk!! (unfortunately, due to the restraining order i wasn't allowed to get very close....) Right, 1.30 left in Internet land, damn this awkward-ass METAL keyboard from hell!! Signing off from Luton Airport (for now.... mwahhahahaha!)

See you soon, Love Rass and Sandman (<- thats the name of a Metallica song dont-ya-know ;) )

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