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Black Atom / Risatonia / Inept303 / 7 Stone Under Sat 20th Dec @ The Moorings Bar


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Black Atom / Risactonia / Inept303 / 7 Stone Under Sat 20th Dec @ The Moorings Bar

Black Atom



7 Stone Under <--- tbc

I refuse to disclose the exact running order...

@ The Moorings Bar

Saturday 20th December 2003

8pm till 1am

Admission Free

People aged 14 yrs and older may attend.

All have confirmed apart from 7 Stone Under

Also we are test driving our planned 20KW (that's T W E N T Y K I L O W A T T) PA system for the first time. Don't worry we won't be using all the power, but the quality of sound should be comparable to a REALLY expensive HiFi.

This is also one of the last chances to see the bar in it's present form before we enlarge it and raise the stage. So if you want to be able to say "I remember what The Moorings Bar looked like before..." in 10 years time, then better take this opportunity to visit us.

I envisage a very busy night a recommend getting there early if you want a good seat. At least there won't be any problem hearing the bands this time. Heh heh.

This is out last big gig before the modifcations, afterwards we should be able to accomodate 250 people. There will be a permanent stage and a much larger dance floor. Seating capacity will also rise, but the toilets will be smaller and much nicer. The stage will be better positioned and wider. As for the sound system, come down and judge for yourself. To put it into perspective this is arguably a better rig than the Lemon Tree boasts in a more intimate venue. Provided Saturday goes welll then the rig will be permanently installed by March 2004. Anyone interested in purchasing the existing 2.5KW rig please get in touch.

I'm really looking forward to this gig after the last gigs involving these bands went so well received.

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layla - next time your in, identify yourself to me and I'll buy you a consolation drink off the list.

I like that our customers already frequent the competition, due to our earlier closing time, but still come back to us the next day.

My theory is that it's because the old place is so haunted, the atmosphere (something I have little to do with and don't mess around with) has something special about it. I guarantee that part will never change.

Back in my early drinking days there were 2 main rock bars in town, The Satelite Bar (upstairs of Radars, now Siberia I think) and The Moorings Bar. Like most of my age group I was inducted into the scene through The Satelite Bar, spent all my college time there. Then one night, when I was 19, we were going to a party and everybody had to meet up in The Moorings Bar. I'd never heard of the place (some things haven't changed). We entered as the place was in full swing - you'll know what I mean. It just blew me away - this was the real deal. The next week I returned there my new girlfriend, to impress her that I knew this cool joint. It worked. I've been hooked ever since. Having said that, not everyone gets it first time out...

The place is more famous outside Aberdeen, especially abroad. We get postcards and emails from all over the world. People that were only in town a week still email us 2 years later. Occasionally a long lost traveller makes an appearance and it's hugs all round. How can a place with toilets that bad make such a lasting an impression (on anything other than the nostrals)?

We plan to be open in the evenings during the latter stages, so wont be closed for long.



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