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Since no one is likely to mention this...

I am going to take the opportunity to say that this gig came about via Drake's and Peacock Visual Arts! Apparently the council have no idea there are venues in the city... We were obviously, physicaly, a little too small so I pushed the Tunnels cause I'm like that (smiling). The London production company aren't at all needy... Nice people but cheesh the things they want!

Seriously though this is great for Aberdeen even though most locals won't get in... I'll be there and I don't even like them, sorry my mate 'Jack' is in town!!! :love::D:partyboy:

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Guest neil ex

March 3rd is the day The Wedding Present play in Dundee, and also the day that I can officially drink again. I'm considering giving it up for good, it's great being sober, though it probably won't happen!

I've had more motivation to do things.

I've been waking up earlier, thus enjoying the day more, and doing more things.

I've gotten into a better sleeping pattern.

I've been working harder on music.

I've been reading more.

I'm always more awake than my friends at the end of a night.

I've became more punctual.

I've saved alot more money.

I've become less forgetful, and more focused.

Sounds like I must have been an alcoholic!

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