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Girl Said No Lemon Tree 1st April


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Tickets for the lemon tree gig went on sale last friday and already over 400 have already been sold, making it one of the fastest selling gigs ever for a local band at the Lemon Tree ever. If you haven't got a ticket yet you need to get one now!


What is the full line up?

Girl said No, Redd Up, The Front and Smiling Politely with DJ Gomez on the decks.

How do you get a ticket?

Call the lemon tree box office on 01224 642230.

Get a hold of one of the band members as each band has a limited number of tickets.

Email us here and we will sort you out.

Will I be able to pay at the door on the night?

Due to the high ticket sales it is very unlikely that there will be any tickets left by the end of next week so dont wait.

Why are the tickets selling so fast?

Easy, its Girl Said No along with three of the best up and coming bands in the North East.... if Carlsberg put on gigs at the lemon tree this would be the line up!

We will also be arranging a big aftershow party at a yet to disclosed location for everyone who buys a ticket as well as arranging a few giveaways on the night.


Due to Girl Said No's growing reputation throughout Scotland they were aproached by the Daily Star to do a feature on the band. The interview and photo shoot was done last week and is due in the National paper this week, we will keep you posted of what day it will be in.

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