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Who does this offend?


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Appretly it's going to be "The happy sheep of the family..." or maybe we could have the "It's got nothing to do with race its just that most sheep are white and you sometimes get a black one in the flock which does look out of place. This isn't because of peoples opinions on race but because of colour of wool sheep of the family"

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I think some of these things maybe do relate to race... 'the black sheep of the family' is meant to imply bad or gone wrong no? White is good' date=' Black is bad is implied in so many things

Lots of stuff like this is deep rooted and has maybe had it's original meaning blurred through the passage of time.

One example: Golliwog(spelling?), that word is a racially abusive term, yet there it is/was being used to advertise Marmalade!!!

The only way to find out, know for sure, is through research.[/quote']

Yeah but with sheep...if I show you 100 sheep and one is black which is the odd one out? We could have used the saying...I dunno...he's the 3 legged sheep of the family. I honestly don't think black sheep comes from people being racist. What if it was other way around. What happens if all sheep were black apart from the odd white one?

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There are people at the other end of the world getting their legs blown off just trying to get water for their family - they are the ones with something to complain about. Yet here we are as a 'civilised' society, arguing over petty little things like banning/changing nursery rhymes, because it might offend someone ?!? These people who complain and moan about such things should spend a few months in a 3rd world country - that might force them put their 'problems' in perspective ...

rant over. :moody:

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Actually, what racist connotations are there about it? "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full".

It's not like it's saying "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? No I don't, cos I'm not as good as white sheep when it comes to producing wool. They are the superior sheep, and besides, my wool isn't as nice as theirs."

They're always trying to have more ethnicity in television etc, so isn't it MORE racist to try and eradicate all traces of black sheep from nursery rhymes?

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and of course blackboard is out....its a chalkboard now!!!!!!!

But the colour of the board is...............................................

*drum roll*


Are white boards now called Non-Permanent Marker Boards?

This is the kind of PC fodder that the BNP and the likes thrive upon. "We're losing our heritage and it's all the black man's fault!"

What next? Milkless coffee? Very-dark-indigo-currents? "He's going to pot the ball which is devoid of colour"?

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You may think that Baa Baa Black sheep is bad but my other half grew up with this one;

I had a little nigger and he grew no bigger

So we put him in the window for a show,

He fell down and broke his little finger so he couldn't play his old banjo!

He had no hair upon his head

He had no eyes to see

He had no teeth to chew his food so he gave it all to me!

How times change.

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I think they had to change it when some of the racist white sheep started picking on the black ones. Then they went to far and started wearing bed sheets when they met in groups.

Don't trust sheep in bed sheets.

- But yes, changing a nursery rhyme is stupid, especially when you ruin the alliteration (sp?) which is the whole point of using the word black!

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