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weezer news ?


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anyone posted this info before ?


07 Feb 2005

Weezer are back with a new album in 2005, which is pleasing all sorts of people, including some chap serving in Iraq.

The band's website announces (and this makes us think of the excretory system for some reason), "Things are starting to solidify in the Weezer world".

Main man Rivers Cuomo, currently studying at Harvard the clever spod, has returned to LA and is working on new material with The Mighty Rick Rubin. Apparently everything is "97% settled after some heavy listening", and a single, 'Beverly Hills' will come out in May.

Meanwhile, over in Eye-Raq, Spc. Joel Strasser got in touch with the band to show them a picture of some Weezer graffiti he drew on a wall. While it isn't quite Abu Ghraib cameratic wrongness, we imagine the locals aren't too chuffed. He also sent in a picture of some camels crossing a road.

Strasser told how he was defending a police station during the recent Iraqi elections, "waiting for an attack but luckily one didn't come", and added that he hoped Weezer would do some touring in 2006, as he isn't going to be back from his warring until then.

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