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Thunderbird for sale


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Its been a long, hard decision, but i need to get rid of one of my basses to make way for another guitar, so i decided.. it had to be the Thunderbird.

Its been loveingly owned for just over a year, i have a Ritter soft gibag for it, its really nice and padded, and is the ONLY case (as far as I know) which will hold an Epiphone Thunderbird.

I am looking for around 190 quid for the Bass and the Case (The case is around 50quid new and hardly used), as i don't have any need for the case when the bass has gone.

She'll be missed! ;(

I could maybe accdept something in part exchange, but I need at least 130 pounds of it to be in cash..

I hope that the owner to be has as much fun rocking out with her as I have had :band:

Just leave a post here, or give me a PM.

Cheers, Bobby J

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I know, a bit of a shock, isn't it.. I dunno, i want to get Hogs Dean Baby-V, and my mum decreed no more guitars, so i decided that i couldn't sell the Stingray, and the Thunderbird is just too big for me.. Ill get a GIbson Thunderbird one day.. :rockon:

But... i want an electirc, sooo i decided that it would be the easiest one to part with..

Fuck knows...


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