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giggable bass amp

Guest scott cs.

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Ashdown...the MAG range is quality and afordable. I got my 300w head on sale for 200 and it usually retails at 300. So, one of the combos should fall within your price range. If they don't there's always the electric blue range which offers even better value. Ashdown sound is great and the build quality seems just as good.

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www.soundslive.co.uk and got the 4x10" from RnB.

Also from soundslive you could get...Electric Blue 15-180 rrp 315 its 255 there.


180 watt 1x15" bass combo

Ashdown Electric Blue bass amplification loads legendary Ashdown tone into an affordable new amp head and a pair of high-performance, high-value combos.

The EB 15-180 1 x 15" combo uses a 180 Watts RMS fan-cooled fast-transient power stage, and a fully-featured bass preamplifier with inputs for both active and passive instruments, a VU style LED input level meter, 5 band EQ with Bright and Deep switches, a front panel-mounted balanced DI output for connection to a PA or recording console, an FX loop, a tuner/line output and the classic Ashdown sub-harmonic generator.

A high-performance Ashdown BlueLine bass driver ensures exceptional attack, clarity and low-end performance, while an extension speaker output can be used to connect an additional cabinet for use in larger venues. The cabinet is finished in a tough, scuff-proof carpet covering with protective corners and a kick-proof metal grille.

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Yeah but well above his budget. It's basically what I have but in a combo. For the same price you would probably be better buying the head and cab seperatly. Helps with transport + looks better lol. I got mine for 500 in total. There's is a new 65watt Ashdown coming out. http://www.ashdownmusic.com/news/fullstory.asp?ID=73 I am so tempted to get it for either home use or to use at practices cause it's so cute! It probably sounds great but I don't know about prices.

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