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Mr. Tristen

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My flatmate Smokey stays up until 9am sometimes... he keeps all sorts of hours.

You can hear computer game noises coming from his room...

Maybe he's a weremario. Y'know, those people that turn into 8-bit heroes after midnight and he doesn't want to hurt anyone so he chains himself to his bed to stop in smashing bricks for the coiny nourishment within.

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9am doesn't bother me either way, but theres something inspirational about 9.05am - the moment i look at the alarm clock and realise "i'm 5 minutes late!" it somehow makes me move with a speed and purpose and determination to get there only 10 minutes late.

if i could find a way to harness my 9.05am powers at any time of day, i think i'd be set for life.

but i can't. oh well :(

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