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Hello fellow musicans and enthusiasts!

I am a female vocalist and have been for years.

(although I did get proper training last year)

It is only now that I am fnding myself with free time due to recent circumstances to put myself out there, perhaps as frontwomen or backing singer in you band!!

I have a range of infulences that inspire me to sing - I love old blusey/jazzy tracks by Billey Holiday, Janice Joplin and Annie Lenox - there voices have the most wonderful qualities.I also have a strange fondness of Kate Bush - her voice was so powerful for such a little women.

My taste in bands and male voices tend to be more on the rockyside- I love The smiths , Muse , Led zepplin,The Killers all ska music but especially the specials.I Also like astranged from that selection - The yeah yeah yeahs and Sonic youth.

I am only 18 but dont let my age deter you from replying to me! just let me sing! AH!

Thank yall.

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