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Moorings Ad/Flash Interview in Gaudie


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Interestingly' date=' I was told the picture printed in the Gaudie was actually taken in Radars. Is this true Flash?! I thought it looked pretty Moorings-esque, particularly given the time-scale but my informant was adamant that it was Radars...[/quote']

Doh of course it was taken in The Moorings. If you look behind me you'll even see Rig Robertson and one of the guys fae Trilight standing at the bar. The Trilight guy then looks much as I do now. I'm sitting in the old middle booth. We'd just been to the tall ships, and random trivia: that's a Beamish in my hand not a Guiness.

Radars looked nothing like that at all. Radars was an 'Eating House' with high wooden tables and US road signs etc. Your source probably means The Satellite Bar which was where Siberia is now (above Radars which is Kef now). If you look in my gallery you'll see a picture of the Satellite Bar. It was all done out in powder blue carpet and powder blue seat cushions. Meant to look like the moon or something. There were stars and planets painted on the walls... but the biggest planets were found sitting at the bar heh heh. Satellites also had a great big fish tank along the back wall. The layout was not dissimilar to The Moorings but it ran East-West and was on a split level. There was also a sort of mezzanine floor known as The Creche where everyone under 21 was banished to.

In summer 1993 they rennovated Satellites as a biker bar and changed the name to Rosies. It was downhill from then on.

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