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Alice In Chains Reform...Kinda!


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Alice In Chains Reform!

02 Feb 2005 The remaining members of Alice In Chains (Jerry Cantrell' date=' Mike Inez and Sean Kinney) are to play their first show together since '96 as part of a tsunami appeal benefit show.

The gig will take place at the Premiere Club in Seattle, USA this February (4th February). Internet rumours suggest that the band will be joined onstage by an as yet unnamed vocalist.

Hammer is taking bets on one of the following:

Scott Stapp (ex-Creed frontman)

Ryan McCombs (ex-Soil frontman)

Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)

Josh Todd (current Buckcherry frontman)

Dave Grohl (current Foo Fighters frontman / ex-Nirvana drummer)

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam frontman)

Eric Rogers (ex-Stereomud frontman)

Chris Cornell (former Sound Garden / current Audioslave frontman)

Scott Weiland (former Stone Temple Pilots / current Velvet Revolver frontman)

Wes Scantlin (Puddle Of Mudd frontman - STOP LAUGHING!)[/quote']

Telt ye Buckcherry were ace :)

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If Scott Stapp or Chad Kroeger get that gig I'm going to take all my grunge records out the back of my house and smash them all with a hammer.

Though I agree with Mark Lanegan. Or possibly Mike Patton? He shouted alot in Faith but that boy can sing when he wants to.

Or failing that, Mr Cantrell if you're reading, I'm available....

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from totalrock.com

Alice In Chains have announced that Damageplan vocalist Patrick Lachman will join Jerry Cantrell' date=' Mike Inez and Sean Kinney for their one-off appearance at a tsumani victims charity show in Seattle on February 18. This will be the first Alice In Chains gig since 1996.[/quote']

dont diss the guy

the dude can sing :)

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