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FOA: Wildhearts/Brides of Destruction fans

Afro Droid

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Anyone posted about this yet? Ginger Wildheart has joined Brides of Destruction!

"As announced by Tracii Guns on the Brides of Destruction website, Ginger has gone to LA to work with the band as a second guitarist and to assist with writing their next album.

Ginger says: I have been offered the job playing second guitar, as well as helping write the new album, for The Brides Of Destruction. This does not mean that The Wildhearts are over, it just means that I am going through a traumatic time of my life and need a break from being the frontman/chief in charge.

My spirits are low and my performance as a lead singer would not be worth the admission fee, believe me. I cannot stop playing music, however, and the offer to join The Brides has come at a time where I desperately need to concentrate on something to help me cope, both mentally and emotionally. Tracii and the guys have been so kind to me, and I am more than grateful for their friendship and encouragement.

If everyone can kindly allow me the time to heal I would be grateful for the considerate approach to this most unfortunate of times for me. I trust I can count on the fans for support, as opposed to knee jerk opinions and malicious gossip.

Thank you, and never take advantage of the love that you have in your life."

He's split with his missus apparently.

Tracii Gunns says: "LONDON , COOGIE AND I would like to welcome our 2 new Brothers

Scott Sorry ( From AMEN ) on bass guitar , Ginger ( from The WILDHEARTS ) on guitar and talkin shit...

Well that makes five of us and its gonna be a barage of the finest rock n roll you have ever heard...

Lets Get It On"

It's got the potential to be totally amazing, Sixx isn't in the band anymore though, he and Ginger writing together would've surley been unstoppable. Ginger looks pretty happy about it though:


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