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FUDGENIGHT returns in KEF - thursday 10th february

The Ghost Of Fudge

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7pm doors


ERIC EUAN - current holders of 'best act in aberdeen'. going for a few awards this year, but could this be their last gig as reigning champs?

BLACK ATOM - currently hold 'most metal of metal' and 'best live act' (although they tied with deadloss superstar for first place in that one it should be noted :) )

ONION TERROR - i'm sure you all know about them. up for 'best fudge performance' this year for their fudgefrenzy show in drakes last autumn.

POLITIK - up for 'best of the rest for acts we can't pigeon hole' with their blend of post-punk. they're on early at 7.20pm, so get along promptly.

gig finished before 10.30pm. see you there i should hope. where else would you get such a juicy and diverse line-up? :D

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Politik-Was looking forward to them but sadly didn't enjoy them. I found them too slow for my liking and vocals were horrible was looking forward to them aswell. Shame there wasnt a lot people to see them though.

Onion Terror-Was a good set put a lot of energy into the performance and some new hip dance moves that will become trend soon:).

Black Atom- To be fair im not too fond of the new material. Its alright but is nowhere near as good as the old songs. Nice to see a good crowd for them. Shame a lot of them elft after them.

Eric Euan-Band of the night! First time seen them despite wanting to see them for a year now. Loved every song good ol' guitar driven indie rock.:) Shall be putting the album on my "to buy" list!

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