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Fudge Awards - Tickets Go Onsale

The Ghost Of Fudge

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for those moaning 5.50/8 is too much for the fudge awards:

i hadn't been to exodus in ages until i went along with maxi after the fickle public gig. it cost 4 to get in. there were no live bands.

so while i'm not suggesting 4 is too much to get into exodus, i AM suggesting that even the 'proper' ticket price of 8 for the fudge awards is a fucking steal :D

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Guest stuartmaxwell

honestly 8 squid is fuck all for the amount of work that fudge put in over the course of the year

plus its LAETO!!scotlands finest band!!did you hear me?LLLLAAAEEETTTTOOOOOO

(and the stacatacatacaoatacataoo setand small enclosed area)

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