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Guest Cowboy Dan

I feel like i'm part of some sort of horror movie watching in, I'm just waiting for the dark figure to appear from the darkness and slowly yet brutally chop up everyone in the room and i'll be left screaming helplessly because there's nothing I can do...

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If only I'd known of that when I wasn't going to uni ;)

Is it 24/7 do you know?

EDIT: It's strangely pleasing! :)

I am sure it is 24/7, as if it is in the US, when I was watching it this morning, stuff was happening, and it would have been 2am or so...

I am looking forward to seeing this on a saturday night...(their time)...

that means I'll have to work late on a saturday here...bah!

SOMEONE is being BOOKED right now !!!!!!!!

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