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Caged last night. What the Fuck!


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Okay, last night I was kicked out of moshulu for dancing. I really cannot find the justification in removing me for two real reasons.

1. The dancing looks a little unorthodox I'll admit (its hardcore dancing, based upon kick-boxing) but like all other types of dancing, is done in a controlled manner. Same way as moshing etc. So, while a few elbows may have gone astray etc. it was all done so that I knew I wasn't goin to hit anybody. I thought this was thoroughly understodd by Moshulu, who has to put up with moshes, pile-ups and the likes. So no, I didn't hit anybody and didn't have the intention of hitting anybody.

2. ITS A CAGED MOSH-PIT! The night is advertised as being heavy with a cage on the dancefloor for people to fuckin mosh in. While I have noticed over the past few months the standards are slipping and a mosh is very unlikely to happen, it still is there. So, while people are throwing each other around smacking their heads of the metal grids of the cage, I go in, go a wee bit nuts but not actually touching anybody (apart from when I stumbled when a few people pushed me, but nothing violent or hitting anybody in a wat that would hurt them, just bumping into them) I got kicked out. WHAT THE FUCK!

So yeah, I went in for tool, the refused came on and I continued. I'll also admit I was going a bit nuts and had had a few drinks, but I was still controlling myself. However, the doorman came into the cage, pinned me up against the wall by the neck and told me to calm down. When I told him what do you mean, I'm just dancing, he replied "if you don't calm down, you'll be dancing with me outside.(or something along those lines)" I once again, told him I was simply just dancing. This is when my arms were pulled behind me and I was kicked out.

I don't know if I'm banned or anything like that. But I had to sit outside freezing my bollocks off for the good part of an hour until a mate came out with my jacket. Im just a bit fucked off, thats all. Was havin a well good time up until that point.

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Originally posted by operator zero:

that's pretty harsh man :( - have you tried pm'ing rob/someone else from Moshulu to find out what happened??


it really doesn't have anything to do with Rob. Rob is not responsible for the actions of people dancing. It was the bouncer. Maybe someone complained. I dont have a fucking clue. All I know is Ive been going there for ages, and I've not changed anything. I don't know what the hell made last night different. I think Rob and Flik know that I wouldn't start anything hostile or violent in anyway in Moshulu.

Thats all.

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Guest babyshambles

"I could care less" as opposed to "I couldn't care less"

On a similar topic, I hate people who can't speak English and fill their speech with double negatives.

eg."I ain't got none."

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Originally posted by huntedbyafreak:

the bouncers are cunts there...

Bollocks, I've yet to encounter one that wasn't friendly, courteous and effective at their job, AND I've accidentally started on one in a fit of drunken madness/arrogance. He could ripped my arms out and nbeat me around the head with them, but instead diffused the situation with a few choice words. And now he's my friend.

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Originally posted by thurisaz:

(its hardcore dancing, based upon kick-boxing)

Looked like drunk 'Greased Lightning/Night Fever' gone wrong. It may be because it was during very popular songs when a lot of people wanted to dance, but couldn't because you and your mate were stumbling about, (sorry, dancing) right in the middle of the cage and hitting every single person in there.

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