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Boss bass distortion


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Hey guys i was in r+b today trying out wa wa and distortion pedals, and the guy very kindly showed me both guitar and bass ones, quite a few of the guitar ones were better surprsingly

well thats my little nugget of info for you but i'd recommend you spend a wee bit of time trying them all cause its great fun


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Originally posted by Tav:

I have used the guitar DS-1 on my bass and it was good...I guess the bass version being more suited to the low frequencies would be better...can anyone explain what kind of compression is needed when using distortion on bass?

I'm actually using a DS-1 with my bass at the moment, but I'm scared incase I blow a speaker. So I thought I'd maybe see about getting a dedicated bass distortion. But I'd also like to know about compression and bass distortion, like would using a compressor with distortion avoid blowing a speaker?

And what pedals did you try Marty?

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i've got the ODB-3. they're alright but i never use it much. it's got too dry a sound. if i was getting some distortion on the go, i'd get a big muff. paul needles plays everything through one and it sounds really meaty. worth the expense. another problem with the ODB-3 is the amount of battery power it drains. you'd not believe it!



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