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photoshop as audio editor


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how does that work? wouldn't you just get an error for an unrecognised file or unsupported file type?

note down the specs of your source wave file, e.g 8kHz/8bit/mono, rename file extension to ".raw", and open in photoshop. Edit away, then re-save as a new .raw file, which you can then load into your audio editor as raw pcm data (you will have to tell it the original samplerate etc) and then save as a normal wave file again (editing destroys the file format header)

You can listen to the pic at the top of the thread by loading into photoshop and saving as .raw format, then changing the file extension to .wav and playing it in whatever (it hasnt been edited so the .wav header is still there)

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cool thread...it's called databending...like circuit bending but with file types...there's email lists devoted to just this stuff...when i need something reallllly abstract, i'll mess around with these ideas you all have been talking about and create a whole new bank of patches...and someone said just to make subtle changes, and i agree...you can try drawing just a few dots or lines in photo shop for really interesting results, or encode in various different types of visual file types for different 'graininess' etc...also, google coagula for a freeware visual to audio program...

fun fun fun :)



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