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Riff Contest - Let the battle commence! (ahem)


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I've put together the necessary bits on soundshed.com for a riff contest - anyone want to give it a try out? Still very early days technology-wise but might be good for a laugh!

You'll need to get a soundshed.com username set up if you don't have one already before you can post:

View Soundshed.com Riff Contest or go to http://www.soundshed.com , then click on Riff Contest (left hand side) - try and keep the file sizes down for submissions - the example is an 152KB mp3 file.

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Interesting that no-one has tried to contribute anything yet -so is the idea of a riff contest :

a) too boring? who'd want to do such a thing anyway.

b) too hard? I'm a bit shit and don't want to show myself up.

c) too difficult technology wise - don't have recording stuff/can't make mp3's/don't have a computer.

c) needs feature/category x to make it worthwhile..?

d) none of the above..?

I thought this idea might have been interesting to a few folk but so far not so..

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