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A lot of news within Dead Anyway World.


Red Man Walking are featured on TEA Vol:3, a compilation CD which has newly been released and doing the rounds in America and Canada. The CD features the track The Consistency of Darkness, which is already getting airplay overseas. If interested in buying a copy of the CD you can visit http://www.teasouth.com/store.php

Red Man Walking have also been reviewed at http://www.audiodropouts.co.uk/rmwarticle.html

Eric Euan are currently working on material for their new E.P. which is due for release in April.

Upcoming gigs:

The General from Red Man Walking will be playing a DJ set tonight in Dr Drakes, Aberdeen as part of Fudgenight.

Eric Euan are supporting Black No.5 at Drummonds in Aberdeen on Friday 21st January, this will be the band's first gig of 2005 and will be the first airing of new EE material a gig not to be missed.

The madisuns (www.themadisuns.com) are currently on their UK tour and are heading to Scotland this weekend for a week of mayhem.

21st - Brickyard , CARLISLE

22nd - JC's , LARKHILL

24th - 13th Note , GLASGOW

25th - Whistle Dinkies , EDINBURGH

26th - West Port , DUNDEE

27th - Markert Bar , INVERNESS ( Lo-Fi )

28th- One up Records, ABERDEEN (afternoon)

28th- Drummonds, ABERDEEN

Red Man Walking and Eric Euan along with Glasgow bands Bovine and Reasons for the Insanity will be playing the 13th Note in Glasgow on Saturday 29th January.

Over and Out


Dead Anyway Entertainment Group

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