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I hate to say it (being the world's biggest hater of tele's) but I actually quite like it - it looks really nice.

MMW were in the lock up yesterday, and I think it was Watson who said "Jamie has like 10 tele's now"

I said "What's the point in that, he can only watch one at once!"

It was so shit it was good.

But yeah, nice effort!

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thanks mr!

yes, that joke was pretty awful!

Look at the wee family i have now


(from left to right)

Custom Made Tokai Telecaster, Black, Seymour Duncan Humbuckers(59n/JBb), 2 volume/1 tone and a 3-way switch in the same place as on a Les Paul!!!

MIM Fender Telecaster, Sunburst, Seymour Duncan Humbuckers (59n/Hotrails b)

Fender Mustang, Seymour Duncan and Kent Armstrong Pickups

Fender Jerry Donahue Telecaster, Blue. All standard..... but for how long???

Fender Nashville Telecaster, White(not mine... but it's lived here long enough to feel like part of the gang)

(not in picture)

Washburn D10CE Acoustic Electric, Natural

thats an awful lot of guitars!

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The Black Tele is losing two of the stickers(the quik one and the one on the pickguard) i'm leaving the one on the body though. i like that one sticker. its cool

the mustang is pissing me off. i dunno if i like the sound i get from it. i'm still trying to decide.

the black tele is in the same boat, but i'm waiting to see how it sounds now that i've rewired it. it should sound a lot better for some reason. if not.... the JB is going bye bye and i'm gonna get a Kent Armstrong Motherbucker!!!!

the new tele is very crisp... but if i roll back the tone i get a nice fat sound from it :love:.... then when i play a solo... i turn up the tone and get the biting treble that would cut through most mixes!! :D

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kent armstrong pickups are fantastic for the price. i had an old Jbass which i put a KA into in the bridge position and i never used the neck pickup agani. what a growl the thing had. funnily enough though, it was fuckin' useless to record on. don't know why but in the studio recordnig last of the silent drive-by's i couldn't use it at all because the sound recorded pish. never understood that!



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