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new Clutch Double Live CD...

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NEW LIVE DOUBLE CD - (11/22/04) - Clutch and River Road Records are pleased to announce the release of "Clutch - Live in Flint, Michigan." This is a double CD recording of Clutch's marathon "An Evening With" set from the Machine Shop - July, 2004. Both CDs are enhanced with still photos and video. The track listing is as follows:

Set One:

1. Mercury

2. Profits of Doom

3. Mob Goes Wild

4. Escape from the Prison Planet

5. Oregon

6. Big Fat Pig

7. Going to Market / Drum Solo

8. One Eye Dollar

9. Release the Kraken

10. Cypress Grove

11. Rock and Roll Outlaw

12. Tight Like That

13. Big New I

14. Big News II

Set 2:

1. Equinox

2. Hoodoo Operator

3. I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth

4. Pure Rock Fury

5. Subtle Hustle

6. 8 Times Over Miss October

7. Texan Book of the Dead


9. (In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat

10. The Regulator

11. Army of Bono

12. Rats

13. Walking in the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks

14. A Shogun Named Marcus

15. Impetus

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Hot dang, sounds like it'll be fantastic, especially with Big Fat Pig, both installments of Big News, Impetus, A Shotgun Named Marcus... they'd better be coming back here soon, against all expectations I have to say 'Blast Tyrant' is my favourite album yet, can't wait to hear some of that material live...

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I think they certainly redeemed themselves with that CD, I love it, mind you, the more I listen to pure rock fury, the less I dislike it, I thought it was too metal (for clutch, nowt wrong with a spot of metal), but It didnt suit Clutchbut, they certainly are back on track with tha funk for me

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