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Dedalus+Foil+Paravion+Jailbird Lime Wed 3 Dec

eat your parents

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December 3rd / Drakes (ofcourse)

Itll be a cracker, or not... but most likely to be good.


The newest, bar one, of the abysmalist bands, who recently have shown amazing form. Be there to witness their first, and fully deserved, headline show! Think Joy Division angles, tinged with Interpol, and The Smiths melodies, while being compromised by God Speed You... acidity.


Fine Edinburgh band, signed to 13th Hour records, who have already released an album and several eps. Some say Arab Strap, some say Idlewild. I say WOOOP!


Discordant yet progressive, these hell worshipers are tour support to Foil around Scotland. Think June of 44, laden with depth and fantastic guitar sounds.

Jailbird Lime

This creature was a descendant of Czech goat herders, who was made homeless by the onslaught of vegetarians in his area. After compromising of carrots and leeks, he thought it best to abandon such fascists, and come here to Scotland making friends with Haggis and Granite. He listens to an unhealthy amount of Bright Eyes, Flaming Lips and The Microphones. Acoustic and shows excellence.

Remember the 3rd of December. Entry 3 / 8.30

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Originally posted by Ross Dedalus

Will there be punch and pie?

punch and pie?

I'm a sucker for punch and pie.

Anyone know what time all the bands are due on, cause if I go... well I'm at practise until 10:30pm, so won't be there until at least quarter too and that's if I pack up like a bat outta hell and sprint there.

Figures if Dedalus are headlining I'd catch them... anyone know????

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Originally posted by eat your parents

Yes, crow and paint.

Posters up tomorrow

Dedalus I imagine would be onstage say 11.15-11.30


I'm pressuming you know the running order of the evening? Just wondering if I'd catch a bit of Politik too.

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Guest Ross Dedalus
Originally posted by j.turgenev

who cares about those artfuck bands?

dj ted magnum is on the decks of sunshine all night, thats what i heard! wow!

Oh, I wonder who that might be............

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Originally posted by eat your parents

Politik? Que? I think you might be confused with something else.

Yes Magnum what ever is djing with the Lucious Vicar.


I heard a rumour Politik were playing too, but that's all it was... and unsightly rumour. Damn those whispering northern winds.

Magnum... on the decks? I'll shoot him down with my rifle.

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