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[left Side Brain] [flight 19] [magdalene Cox] Sun 5th Dec

Dizzy Storm

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LSBs signature sound is the judicious and sparing use of tight three part harmonies which, when unleashed, are full of plaintive yearning. Newer material like Clout employs guitar riffs that are more angular than a cupboard full of set squares. Strangely enough the band are at their weakest when they are sounding closest to Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets wearing their hearts on their sleeves on tracks like Fallout (and they could do with losing the guitar solo). But to be honest, if this is the only criticism we can lay at their door (and it is), then this band could be the ones to burst through the cockpit door of the top twenty next year brandishing Stanley Knives. Mainly they are stamping down on the pedal and the more they do, the less they sound like their Pontypridd neighbours.

Uncomfortable comes on like The Wildhearts, Husker Du and Helmet all rammed into a blender and formed into a diabolically tasty but unhealthy rawk smoothie. And theres a secret track which Led Zeps all the way to fuck and back. Superb. 8/10

"The kind of band that gives you a bit of hope for the UK underground scene...KKKK" Kerrang!

"Superb...8/10" Metal Hammer

"Definitely ones to watch...4/5" Big Cheese

"sounds like Feeder with a firecracker up their backsides" Rock Sound

with local support from FLIGHT 19 & MAGDALENE COX



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