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an actual thread about the cheeky girls

Sam the Eagle

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i highly doubt this merits the actual music discussion forum...

but i was flicking through the music channels on sky today and i came across what appears to be the cheeky girls new single... their third christmas single might I add.

and you know what, I came to the conclusion that they actually have their place in the world, sure they are shit and really have no musical talent whatsoever - although if you read any articles about them it appears that their mother does have some powers to write catchy bum touching related lyrics.

anyway back to my point, their new song is a cover of Sabrina's Boys Boys Boys, don't know if anyone other than me actually remembers this song, it does have a late night video when good old sabrina - not to be confused with the teenage witch - gets rather excited and her bikini regularly pops off, thankfully the cheeky girls don't get up to such antics, but they do have a random white man avec emo hair who appears to do a mid-ninties style boyband rapping solo throughout the single.

here's hoping they trash band aid and their "spare a thought this yuletide if the tables were turned would you survive" starving african's aside, the cheeky girls are more credible this year round with their white boy rap than coldplay, dido and the darkness with their dizee 'bye bye career' rascal pish...

touch my bum - this is life

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hmmm i dunno... what would mama say?

they had a documentary on 3 a couple months ago, perhaps almost a year ago where they discussed implants, in their typical cheeky language, difficult to pick up all their words - btw spanish bird on the tannoy in my work! absolute hysteria malaga airport style -but they did seem quite keen so who knows.

i'm off to spearhead a campaign for an ace of bass reunion...

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