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If u are into Four Tet etal then this will excite you........


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Arguably our finest ::synergy:: line up this year, so interesting music are deliighted to announce two artists making their Aberdeen debut & in the case of Yellotone his debut Scottish appearance_

Friday 3rd December @ 8pm, Dr. Drakes, Aberdeen

:: synergy ::

Yellotone +

Marcia Blaine School For Girls+


very cool electronic sounds

Doors 8pm

Entrance 5

Students with ID 3

Yellotone (ai records)

Yellotone is a tunesmith in the tradition of all the great anglo saxon tunesmiths that went before, welding raw materials into a hushed toad full of gold. Playing the guitar/bass/drums/keyboard, and audibly influenced by a diverse range of artists that span both traditional and electronic spheres, Simon Harding has twiddled his knobs deep into the night to produce his own interpretation of contemporary computer sequenced electronica. The richness and depth of Simons programming skills on his new full length tar file junction, is breathtaking. This will most certainly go down as one of the classic records of 2004 & certainly one of mine as well. Check out his beautiful sound clips via ai's website


Marcia Blaine School For Girls

mysterious scottish three piece electronica outfit, have previously released tracks with static caravan, benbecula, dalriada, struktur and stuff records and their dalriada 12" sold out in record time, the 12"having now been repressed twice! Fresh from supporting ALIAS in Glasgow


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