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At a loose end this Sunday night...........read on


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Sunday 28th November @ Dr. Drakes, Aberdeen

The Beauty Shop + Endrick Brothers + John Murray

Doors 8pm

Entrance 5


The Beauty Shop

Hailing from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois the three-piece serve up dark, moody but beautifully melodic musings. Acoustic punk rock turned down to 9 and-a-half instead of up to 11, with a pinch of 'country noir'. Downbeat lo-fi Americana with a nice line in warped lyrics set to gentle melodies. Intsense claustrophobic and melancholic - and all the better for it" (Guitar Magazine)... then youll like The Beauty Shop.

the reviews

Vic Galloway AIR & R1 looooovvverly stuff, go see them @ their ony two gigs in Scotland

John Hoeffleur is a songwriter with a Midas-like touch in articulating the pious nature of love and heartbreak (8/10) - NME

A unique and very appealing sound- Record Of The Day

Moody, wistful and melodic - The Independent (4 STARS)

God bless those who keep it simple - The Herald (3 STARS)

A fine follow-up - Q (3 STARS)

Violent Femmes fans will find much to please them - Uncut (3 STARS)

Hoeffleur knows how to write a decent tune - The Fly (live review)


Endrick Brothers

Hailing from the back roads and deep waters of Stirlingshire, Scotland, Endrick Brothers have never been one to follow trends or bow to musical fads. Demonstrating a rootsy sensibility so indicative of their origins, this Glasgow-based alt country outfit deliver a sound that is at once effortless yet urgent. Drawing comparisons to everyone from R.E.M to the Jayhawks, the band understands that brilliantly consistent and dynamic songwriting is the key to longevity. Thus they present a constantly evolving and prolific array of worthy songs able to captivate any unsuspecting listener. They create music that is organic and arresting, underpinned by the stunning range and strength of a vulnerable yet powerful lead vocalist. A mature and confident sound - indeed, their songs often seem as though they have existed forever - betraying the youthfulness of a band in their twenties. Formed in 2002 under the moniker Remedy, their live shows attracted much attention and resulted in a tour support with Eddi Reader. Testament to their abilities, they soon scaled the ranks and opened for a number of like-minded acts such as Lucinda Williams, Jesse Malin, Peter Bruntnell and Kelly Joe Phelps, picking up a number of devoted fans along the way. The strength of their live set and encouragement from numerous radio stations (most prominently BBC Radio Scotland) proved to be the catalyst for the recording of their long-awaited debut album, Built To Last.


John Murray

Has been writing songs and playing guitar and piano for years and years. Having played in a couple of bands which for one reason or another didn't take off (including the almost mighty Ground Control!), I carried on playing, writing and recording and then got the urge to play live again. After a few open mic nights at Dr Drakes, offers of gigs have come in and its been all good.


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