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Kef tonight

The Milner

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Well that was a good night me thinks.

Missed unbroken silence (sorry cammie)

Gilman street were good in parts but the sound was awful, typical for kef tho. so much bass and drums and very little guitar.

Broken Sunshine were really good tonight. Superb set and i seen the guys from caffine getting into it as well. You guys are getting really good now and you have some awesome songs.

Caffine were fucking awesome, the way they went about themselves and the set they played was both fucking amazing. Great stage presense and one of the tightest bands i have ever seen in kef.

As i say a great night. anyones else there??

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was great.

Thought we did not bad, a lot of covers but only because i had 3 days notice to fill in for bass. Was great fun.

Gilman Street were fairly kickin although I agree with milner too much drum and bass being fed. Happens all the time they play kef...

Broken Sunshine were pretty awesome so was the conga line and all the silly dances we were trying to come up with.

Caffeine fucking rocked. Wasn't heaps of people there but all of them were dancing. It was ace. Can't beleive glasses broke though:(. Damn you...

great show and well done for great show.

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What an awesome gig! Caffeine were great, a whole lot better than last time I saw them! And the last time I saw them there were a lot more people there too. They had a brilliant stage presense and were much tighter than the last time too. Everyone was dancing at one point, it was kick-ass! I got hit in the face, and then me and Lisa fell over... well, I fell over and I grabbed her to try and stay up, but she ended up falling too... :D Hehe. Good times.

Unbroken Silence were a lot better than the last time I saw them too, maybe that was cus of Camie's amazing performance :up: But the covers... Ive said it all before, but its understandable cus Camie only had a few days to learn them.

Gilman St were cool too, didnt see much of their performance, I was attending to my drunken friend... Ooh, it wasnt pretty. :moody:

I thought Broken Sunshine played pretty well too, I think it's been our best gig for a while, and the audience made it totally kick-ass with the conga line (???) and the sweet dancing. Cheers :up:

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