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Band Members Required (again).


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Yup, it's me.........again,

Didn't get much response to my last band ad, so here goes:

I'm 16, male and I live in Aberdeen, been playing guitar for just over a year now and I'm mega-keen to get a band started up, only for a few practices to begin with, then possibly a view to something more serious later on. I don't mind if you're more/less experienced than I am, and I'm not fussy about the type of music you listen to, as long as you're open to new ideas, don't care about age/gender either. If you have a willingness to improve on your instrument and are passionate about the type of music you play, then get PMing! Even just to play through a few covers or something would be worthwhile, even just for the experience of jamming with other musicians etc.

My influences include:

Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Manics, Iron Maiden, Cacophony, Guns 'n' Roses, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Testament, Diamond Head, Overkill, Destruction, Sodom, Racer X, Black Sabbath etc.

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lady drummer and singer...

Hi my name is Jasmin ,Im 17, I dont live in Aberdeen but wouldnt mind joining a band based in Aberdeen as I go to the college 3 days of the week.


Led zepplin , Frank Zappa and most recently early 80's new wave bands like Sonic Youth and The smiths aswell as modern bands like the yeah yeah yeahs, ordinary boys , The Killers.

If you want to here a sample , get back to me at meatyjazz@hotmail.com.

Cheers ,


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Although Gav has a band' date=' he's thinking of getting another guitarist, talk to him hes shy lol. trying to get him to join this site but hes a lazy cunt lol[/quote']

Hayley: I know I keep emphasising how flexible I am with music and how open minded I am to trying new things, but the boy likes Blink 182 and Maroon 5..............enough said on the matter?

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well for one thing you dont know the guy im talkin about' date=' so you wouldnt understand my statement..so wind your neck in and shut the fuck up.[/quote']

Whether or not I know the person you're talking about is pretty irrelevent. My comment was about the band and the song mentioned. And just to make things clear, my comment was posted with the intent of humour.

Wind your neck in, that's quite unusual.

Quiet you.:moody:


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