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Greatest rock voice?

Guest onlynik

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You too? I thought I was the only one!

I don't mind Daltrey on early stuff like My Generation etc, but as gets more sure of himself the feeling disappears. Pete doing 'So sad about us' on Scoop is wonderful, despite being cut off too soon.

Talking of vocal ranges (as Hog was)...Jeff & Tim Buckley could fairly swoop and soar. Anyone else like Yma Sumac the 50s singer, supposedly from the Andes? She's got an amazing range!!

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mwahahahahaha' date=' you're tellin me he has the greatest rock voice???? - go listen to metallicas first album. James doing frog impressions.[/quote']

Thats the thing about opinionsWe all have different ones. "go listen to metallica's first album" oh thanks for that because Ive never heard kill em all before :rolleyes:

Why dont YOU listen to the black album/load/reload/S&M and you might hear what im talking about

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See' date=' much as i love you Hog and have enhoyed the Devin stuff you've sent me, you're just being silly ;)

Go and listen to A night at the Opera, or Sheer heart attack and hear the amazing different styles of singing.



Im being serious! And I can/will prove it!

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