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Fast Caz

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Heys guys n gals im looking to start recording stuff through my computer and to paste samples from movies to use as an intro to certain songs.

Also how would i go around being able to master mp3s of my band on my computer?

I have a thing for experimentation with different sounds and effects.

but bare with me im a beginner to it all

Cheers Calum !

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if you just have a normal desktop PC, then you most likely have an average soundcard, without any special capabilities. To get quotes from movies, you may find it easier to trawl the web for samples - for most films, the best quotes have already been sampled and exist somewhere or other. google is handy for finding them.

however, if you can't find the quote you are looking for, you may have to do it yourself. this may be tricky, depending on what kind of soundcard you have. if the film is on a dvd, then you can rip the audio file from it, and use something like SoundForge or Audition (ne CoolEdit) to copy the sample you want. may help if you give some examples of what you are trying to do.

as for your mastering question, do you really mean mastering, or are you talking about recording? if mastering is what you are after, here's an interesting article (though not strictly about mastering, it may be useful for what you may wish to do):


hope that helps.

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