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well...tom waits in london


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what can I say...


Even though I was right up the back (row fucking Z in the Circle)...I still enjoyed it.

He did play a lot of the great tracks off of "Real Gone" (hoist that rag, sins of my father, make it rain, day after tomorrow, don't go into that barn), he played a shit load of stuff from Alice, Blood money and Mule variations, but all with different slants / flavours...("eye ball kid" being especially ace)...in the encore, he did play a few old classics, but not as many as I'd expect (I am sure the sea of balding men were pissed off with that!)

Needless to say...my trusty wee mp3 player did get 1 hour 40 mins of it (sadly didn't get the encore (1/2 hour) as the file didn't "finish" properly (ran out of space ?)...

anyway, the file is slightly distorted (didn't seem that loud where we were sitting!) but they are listenable...

I am going to make a cd of it, so all the people I've spoken to send me a PM.

I wish you could have been there (there were two empty seats next to me! foooools)


And, Gabi has had an offer for an exhibition in November in a Gallery in London...an ace wee break in london

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balls...should have stuck around at the end (after the gig)! (or been less cheap, and bought the 65 quid ticket!)

A galaxy of stars turned out to see TOM WAITS play his first UK show in 17 years last night (November 23).

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and Elbows Guy Garvey all made the pilgrimage to London Hammersmith Apollo to see the US singing legend, who has not played on these shores since 1987.

They were joined by actor Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton, who are making a new version of 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'.

According to XFM, tickets for the 3,000-capacity show sold out in 20 minutes, and were changing hands outside for upwards of 300.

The two-and-a-half hour performance drew heavily on material from new album Real Gone, while for the encore, Waits wheeled out an upright piano for a string of songs from his early Seventies period. He also brought his son to the stage to play percussion in a band that also saw him reunited with guitarist Mark Ribot.

Also spotted in the crowd were Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, Beth Orton and Jamie Cullum.

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