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Man cuts off thieving teens' penises


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BANGKOK (Reuters) - A Thai house painter cut off the penises of two teenagers with a knife after he found out they had stolen 50,000 baht (676 pounds) of his savings from an ATM machine, police say.

Manit Srithammathan, 40, told police the teenagers, now in hospital, deserved the punishment as they had betrayed his kindness in letting them stay at his Bangkok suburban house, they said on Saturday.

"There's nothing they deserved more for stealing the money I saved that could have helped me get a job abroad," a police spokesman quoted him as saying.

The painter, facing charges of life-threatening assaults and unlawful confinement, said he could not control his rage as the boys, aged 14 and 15, refused to confess to the theft which he discovered after checking a video record kept by the bank.

Manit threw the severed penises into a canal before his neighbours tipped police off about the incident.

Legend or Loser? And more to the point... i've just scrapped my plans to become a thief in 'Bancock'.... arf arf arf

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How did he get ahold of their cocks? Maybe Thailand hospitality is quite different to here. Can you get a prosphetic dick?

i'm sure that the nice man simply asked the teenage boys to 'whip em out'...and obviously, after him having explained what he intended to do they were more than happy to obligue. :rolleyes:

..also, i think you can pretty much get prosphetic anythings these days..

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Someone's going to be pissing out of a catheter the rest of their lives...


almost as bad as the guy who was so annoyed by a cockeral waking him up' date=' that he ran outside with a knife (before getting dressed) grabbed it by the neck, swung and cut off his dick.[/quote']

Aw yeah I remember that one. And the one with the kid on an magic mushroom high who took the garden shears to his own...

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Guest neil ex

And the one with the kid on an magic mushroom high who took the garden shears to his own...

He definitely wasn't on mushrooms. Is that the German who took his cock and his tongue that you're talking about? He was on some sort of hallucinogen though.

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