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Loads Of Stuff For Sale! - Please Buy!


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Im cleaning out my cupboards to get some money to put towards a new swanky camera, im going to spend all day tomorrow loading my stuff up on ebay but i thought id offer it to you lot first, i have shitloads to sell . . . . . .

vinyls - i have various vinyls for sale by these bands - billy talent, all american rejects, taking back sunday, thrice/thursday(split 7"), brand new, million dead, the movielife, my chemical romance, weezer (double 7"), coheed and cambria, afi, deftones, mars volta(early 12" and 10" ep's), the darkness, holiday plan (one sided promo 7"), millencolin, death from above, dillinger escape plan(miss machine green vinyl), snuff and queens of the stone age

t-shirts - various bands, mostly black and mostly medium - ac dc, thursday, my favourite co pilot, funeral for a friend, aura sun, alexisonfire, from autumn to ashes, stretch arm strong

i also have a vintage D.A.R.E t-shirt, a few vintage stussy ones, a ugp bmx t-shirt, a fuct orange t-shirt and a carhart striped work shirt

my imac is still for sale, the spec can be found in the classifieds

my fuji S5000 camera in excellent condition is for sale (or maybe trade in for my new one)

and i also have a super 8 camera, projector and screen for sale

get in touch if you are interested in anything, or want to know more details about anything - pm me or email toads_are_fun@hotmail.com

im sure i will find more stuff to sell around the house so stay tuned!

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