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16th Nov - Falling Away Debate!


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Daedalian are hitting drakes again on the 26th november. We are debating whether or not to play Falling Away! I heard a few people like it up there and Rachel from ex Battery Living and now Normans Fetish (sniggers) sang with us last time.

Anyway if we do play it it will be the last time we play it this side of the year.

What does anyone think?

b x

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Well stew i dont usually go for guys but since u have shown me love like no other i shall give ya a big wet one *hands sponge*!

Just dont tell me bird har har!

I think ya should play these songs(in no order)

Initiation - At The Drive In

Christophers river - Biffy

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies - Faith No more (happy birthday FUCKER)

Condemned to Rock and Roll - manic street preachers

Bad Habit - The Offspring

Feel good hit of the summer - QOTSA

Anyuerysm - Nirvana

Get yer mits aff ma wumman Ya bunnet - The Darkness (ned remix :dunce: )

Keep me alive - Echobrian

and anything by the Hexagonal Pensioners...


if not then anything by BUSTED will be suffice


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