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Caption competition.

Guest Scorge Spike

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all hell broke loose today in an aberdeen bar as protesters outside were outraged by local band "black atom" as they sported combat style cargo pants in support of the british armys work in iraq. violence broke out at 11 just before camies and keeshers last bus to torry and hilton respectivley.no one was hurt in the incident but atoms 25 minute last song was brought to a holt at the 17 minute mark as someone dressed as spiderman hung of the clock tower above slains castle.

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"As if being an old and terrible singer in an iron maiden tribute band wasn't bad enough' date=' im also being surrounded by a group of 14 year old star trek geeks...can life get any worse?"[/quote']

Yep, he could be a Rod Stewart fan... :rolleyes:

When was the last time you saw me post on a Rod Stewart forum??? Exactly, now piss off fanny-baws :finger:

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