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Because they were squirrels, real squirrels!


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at atp : the nightmare before christmas

and aphex twin

and wolf eyes

and trail of dead


aphex twin and lfo....

oh dear, i fucking hate slint, they made me sacrafice nightmare and the fuckers had the cheek to go and sell out before i could get a ticket too. Oh dear ewan is going to decapitate me. Now I can't get time off to go to nightmare.

The new trail of dead album is dire though. Hope they play a retrospective but i doubt it.

least i still get to see silver mt zion woowoo.

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giant tank ?

they are shite, they supported Scorn last time I saw them...their mickey mouse computers lost memory while playing and started to glitch (not on purpose) as they played a bland tune over the top of it...it all went to rat shit and everyone laughed...poor bastards...

their music is boring as fuck.

Looking forward to James Orr like...but not as much as Shellac...

Time flies as a crow flies, in a straight line, through you not around you...

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Guest stuartmaxwell

i aint heard giant tank

but i LOVE and ADORE the james orr complex

the man is a legend, superb player!!

caught eska a few weeks back, they were fucking awesome on fine form

deerhoof are pretty cool

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Guest lime ruined my life
Anyone who isnt going to see mr albini being amazing probably is a jerk.

Just fucking kill them for not going' date=' kill them already.........[/quote']

Alternatively they probably are

a) skint

b) studying for finals

c) masturbating to sensual aberdeen-music postographies


adele, not lime, xxx

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