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Exodus and Triple Kirks


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ze story vent down like zis.

last Monday me, Ben and Alby of Filthpact all went to Triple Kirks for a pint, but were told we weren't gettting in cos it was a Students Only Night. Im a student, but neither of those two are. So, basically, we were cool and were gonna leave till we saw Ryan (PoO, Lost) going in. He stopped to speak to us and I said "Ryan, tis a student only night. Rasther spiffing for the students, but not for us non-educated types" and it was only at this point that the bouncer said anything to Ryan about it. But we left, and thought, "that bouncer is speaking bollox" so we peered round the corner, and of course, he was letting Ryan in, even though he wasn't no student. so basically, we figured the bouncer didn;t like us.

I forgot all about this and headed to Exodus on Monday night. As I walked past the Triple Kirks, the bouncer gave me a funny look, then as I got to the door of Exodus, the bouncer said "sorry, had a call about you, and you're not getting in".

I asked why, and refused to leave till I knew why, to which he called in and then explained to me that it was because of my "general appearance.". Ive been going there for ages looking like this. He told em theres a new anally retentive manager from Glasgow.

so, aye. Kai, I think it is because I iz Black Metal.

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