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I Won A Skull!


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i used to have sea monkeys' date=' but i added the food and most of them died, but i left it a while longer just to see, and two survived, i named them both lucien. there both dead now anyway.[/quote']

aww man when did they die? is your fish still alive, its like way old now isn't it.

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Even though I'm kinda skint I felt I could make an exception for this leetle beauty:



you fooolllL!!!

well not really it is kinda cool...

however did you notice the same buyer.. selling.... THIS!!



also i have a cattle skull on my wall.. i call him BOB :)

i have a picture somewhere that i might post later :)

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My mum has a pirhana like that' date=' except it's actually nicer. Or in better condition, whatever, I don't think a pirhana [b']can be nice ;)

It has very sharp teeth... shouldn't touch those... even if it's dead... I learned the hard way...


i have a strange sense of cool things...

but i would love to hang that monster on my wall!...

"Look at what i caught down in stoney!!"

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