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MYBE - melodic punk rock lunatics - MON 22ND NOV

Dizzy Storm

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.... they've played over 800 gigs (some with bands such as "THE DAMNED", "KING PRAWN", "4 FT FINGERS"'JOHN OTTWAY" , "U.K SUBS" , "HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT" , "STIFF LITTLE FINGERS", Recorded 3 E.P's - 'Chemical Generation', 'Songs about nout', 'The Shite Album' and 'A Trip Down Mammary Lane', invented the Internet*, appeared on several compilation albums, slept with all four members of ABBA*, signed a 15,000 sponsorship deal which paid for studio time and new equipment (cheers John), toured in France (cheers John), started the space race back in the swinging sixties*, won Derbyshire Band of the Year 2000, won the farmers 'design a combine harvester competition' six years in a row*,and built a reputation for being the most entertaining twats in pop.

* = May not be strictly true.


Mybe - A Trip Down Mammary Lane

There's always a moment when you stagger out of the underground and appear, blinking in the sunlight. And it's this point that Chezzy's punk-pop trio Mybe have reached with their latest CD. They've always been able to mine nuggets of pure punk-rock from a rich vein of back material, the difference here is the new facets they've fashioned into there latest gems. It's all still here, the great hooks, shout-out choruses catchier than SARS; the shining wit: full of pith. But there's no doubt the Chezzy trio have also worked damn hard at their craft and the resulting 'A Trip Down Mammary Lane' CD features songs they have every right to be proud of. The dry, sometimes schoolboy, humour that is such an integral part of their live show shines through as ever: just discovering song titles like 'Absynthe makes the heart grow fonder' will leave you grinning. The ska-rred sea shanty that is 'G Marks the spot', featuring the greatest kaz00 work since Crosstown Traffic, is brazen, hilarious and irresistible. While Absythe will have as many toes tapping as it will split sides. And lets not mention the heartfelt, if hopelessly misguided love song, Rose West But among these comedy moments and the straight ahead Wildhearted rockin of tracks like 'Hobsons Choice', there are a couple of stunning pop-rock masterpieces. 'Too stupid to care' is a dancefloor filler with a tender, broken heart and 'Happy Hour' could easily become one of those bitter-sweet pop moments you'll treasure forever. Because this is Mybe, the harmonies are closer than Arkansas cousins, the guitars and bass, by turns driving playfully. But the drums have never sounded better, snappy and precise, pulling the endless changes of pace, tempo and texture together. And we haven't even touched on the secret track, 'Walk like John Wayne', a beautiful tale of one mans love for his four legged friend that will bring a tear to the eye and a lump to the, er, throat. Laugh, cry, pogo your hearts out: 'A Trip down Mammary Lane' is an album well worth digging out Phil Bramley - Derbyshire Times

support from GILMAN ST & TBC




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