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Singer required for thrash band


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This Is The Best Thread Ever

Now that i have your attention....

Hello peoples. Me (James: rhythm guitar) and Stuart (drums) are looking for a singer for a predominantly thrash metal band. We'd be looking for someone that's inspired heavily by Slayer and Metallica (specifically up until ...Justice). We are both 16 and have someone on their way for the bass slot (he's still learning). As for lead guitar, I can handle some songs, but a good shredder may be required too. We have no gigging experience as of yet, well, we played some mock song in a church (played Slayer - God Send Death to warm up though, tried to keep it real!). You'd need to be serious as it isn't The Darkness of thrash that we are aiming to become here. Anyone interested? Reply to the thread and/or PM me. Cheers, James

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